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newshazeCutting through the Haze of the News!

News Haze helps you go with the flow of the news instead of trying to keep up. Subscribe to your favorite Blogs, News Sites, Social Networks or anything else that has an RSS or ATOM feed with News Haze. News Haze will show you the current stories in an easy to scan format and track which stories you have already read. All of this is synchronized through the News Haze Cloud, allowing you to move from one device to another and pick up where you left off!


  • Fully configurable to add your favorite news sites, and blogs
  • News Haze Cloud syncronizes the App between your devices
  • App remembers which stories you have read
  • App allows you to visit the stories in an Embedded browser
  • Works with RSS and Atom News Feeds
  • Tutorial to help you get started
  • Semantic Zoom for Quick Story Navigation
  • Share stories via Email, Twitter, or any other App that supports sharing

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