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Iridium Defense

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Iridium Defense(ID):  Invasion is a blend of tabletop and mobile gaming. There is a real board, real game pieces, and real FUN.  Quests, character data, and the technical aspects of the game play (character stats, fight sequences, map layout, etc.) are orchestrated by the Iridium Defense application on your portable device (iOS or Android) and the Table Top Cloud (TTC) engine.

The ID: Invasion game contains: A double-sided 30 piece game board, 25 Game Pieces, 20 Stand Up Game Pieces, and a registration code for the TTC.  The purchase of the game also includes the iPhone Client, the iPad Client, the Android Phone Client, and the Android Tablet Client, with full access to play an unlimited number of games on the Table Top Cloud with up to four other people that have an Android or iOS device.


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